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sharing a quiet life.


honeybread 📰 1 hour ago

head first humanity, pause at a light — then flow through the streets of the city.......

honeybread 💻 19 hours ago

I HAVE TOO MANY IDEAS and not enough fingers to code them with......

honeybread ❤️ 1 day ago

people in this community are so nice :)

honeybread 🎶 5 days ago

bts was my top artist AGAIN this year... sick to my stomach

honeybread 🌧️ 6 days ago

i wannaaaaaaaa pay attention but my brain. sleepy

honeybread 💻 14 days ago

am i dumb or is linux just windows. but exceedingly tedious

honeybread 💾 14 days ago

ok fine. im gonna try linux

honeybread 🧀 15 days ago

ok now my brain is melting out of my ears. time to eat a strawberry

honeybread 🤩 15 days ago

when you figure out something cool in css!!!!!!

honeybread 🌧️ 17 days ago

i'm so desperate for a day off. but even my days off aren't really off-off... off.

honeybread 💤 17 days ago

i could sleep for one thousand years...

honeybread 😶 18 days ago

feeling like foxy go go go

honeybread ☕️ 20 days ago

iced vanilla latte with a cherry vanilla scone

honeybread 🤔 20 days ago

to get a sandwich or sushi... sushi or sandwich...

honeybread 🧋 21 days ago

iced chai latte save me.... save me iced chai latte......

honeybread 🫖 22 days ago

it's too easy to stay cozy at home on a fall day like today...

honeybread 🌧️ 171 days ago

having to walk home in the pouring rain...

honeybread 😶 176 days ago

going on a date tonight...

honeybread 🌧️ 178 days ago

it's stuck in my head...

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