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Updates on the status of the minimal colored version of the Houseki no Kuni manga. This account currently only tracks the progress of Loveybird.


hnk_loveybird 💀 77 days ago

I'm in college, so my contributions to the minimally colored HnK project are currently stopped. Sorry.

hnk_loveybird 🤒 584 days ago

Bit of a change of plans. Pages won't continue until the end of the month. Life's in the way and I need to focus.

hnk_loveybird 🙂 591 days ago

Chapter 47 has been colored! Like last time I will be taking a week-long break, coloring will resume on 7/19!

hnk_loveybird ✨ 592 days ago

18/21 pages colored, almost there!

hnk_loveybird ✨ 593 days ago

15/21 pages colored today, pretty easy batch today

hnk_loveybird ✨ 594 days ago

12/21 pages colored, i think i'm getting back into my groove!

hnk_loveybird 😭 594 days ago

9/21 pages colored. wanted to do an extra page to make up for the day i missed, but those micro sparkles hit hard!

hnk_loveybird 😶 596 days ago

forgot i had to work today, might skip this day... 6/21 pages colored

hnk_loveybird 🙂 597 days ago

6/21 pages colored! The micro-sparkles do not let up...

hnk_loveybird 😭 598 days ago

Coloring has resumed! 3/21 pages of chapter 47 colored. Was a real doozy with all those darn sparkles...

hnk_loveybird 🎨 600 days ago

Coloring should be resuming soon, just waiting on confirmation from another colorist...

hnk_loveybird ✨ 606 days ago

Chapter 44 has been colored!! I'll be taking a week off (7/3/22) before resuming coloring!