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failed queer artist tinkering on the indie web. over 25yo (old). atom - homepage - picrew


hex 🎶 36 days ago

what if it's not meant for me (love)?

hex 🌧️ 71 days ago

some days i worry so much that my creativity is never getting back, no matter how much time i give it

hex 🔥 72 days ago

restless restless restless

hex 💾 135 days ago

I think digital minimalism is the way to go for me from now on

hex 💻 168 days ago

I should've majored in computer science

hex 💔 182 days ago

wishing i could more easily open up in my romantic relationships

hex ✈️ 199 days ago

i get so overwhelmed by how much i want to do/learn/see/experience

hex 👽 199 days ago

feeling detached from people

hex 💀 466 days ago

wrecked by covid