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pronouns: he/it

insane guy. occasional coder. browse forums and listen to music in my free time.


hellspit 🙃 160 days ago

I'm so tired.... zzz

hellspit 🙃 166 days ago

god i need to focus more on school all i do is play terraria LOL

hellspit 🌈 167 days ago

haven't been on in a while because i started being freaked out by computers for a while (lol) but i'm back... probably lol

hellspit 🥳 461 days ago

realized I don't have anything due today like I thought. think I'm ging to eat dinner and work on my project due in a few days then :3

hellspit 🌙 462 days ago

me when the yesterweb collapses... who could have predicted this /s

hellspit 🙂 462 days ago

saw skinny puppy last weekend. my beloved. I'm so sad it's their final tour :( they do such good shows

hellspit 🤩 467 days ago

WINNING i got a 94 on my exam

hellspit 🐱 473 days ago

fourth floor is open and i no longer have an exam until next week. winning

hellspit 🙂 480 days ago

i am. death experiencer (so much hw and the 4th floor of the library is closed)

hellspit 😴 508 days ago

cool outfit and i got sleep. epic purrhaps?

hellspit 😭 509 days ago

I got a 70 on my test :( Sucks so bad

hellspit 💡 518 days ago

had a sudden epiphany of starting writing everyday and so i'm doing it. crazy

hellspit 🥱 523 days ago

eepy but at least i don't have to work one of my jobs today... >_<

hellspit 🌙 524 days ago

hot water outage in my apartment. has been since yesterday. yay.... (my apartment has issues)

hellspit 🐱 525 days ago

i have persona 5 brainrot again... <33333

hellspit ❄️ 527 days ago

doing my hw makes me want to cry. thank you winter storm !!!

hellspit 💀 535 days ago

i slept an HOUR am dying at work

hellspit 😭 536 days ago

so much homework....

hellspit 😯 538 days ago

also... ereader came in !!!

hellspit 💀 538 days ago

omg i have so much hw

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