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pronouns: he/it

insane guy. occasional coder. browse forums and listen to music in my free time.


hellspit 🌙 18 hours ago

hot water outage in my apartment. has been since yesterday. yay.... (my apartment has issues)

hellspit 🐱 2 days ago

i have persona 5 brainrot again... <33333

hellspit ❄️ 3 days ago

doing my hw makes me want to cry. thank you winter storm !!!

hellspit 💀 12 days ago

i slept an HOUR am dying at work

hellspit 😭 12 days ago

so much homework....

hellspit 😯 14 days ago

also... ereader came in !!!

hellspit 💀 14 days ago

omg i have so much hw

hellspit 🤩 15 days ago

got locked out of my apartment. again. starting to wonder if its a skill issue or my apartment door is really just going out this semester

hellspit 💻 15 days ago

at work and i'm so tired mew...