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I am here, and y'all are there.


heckmaster 😑 325 days ago

It's not Β«a NeocitiesΒ». It's a website on Neocities. GET IT RIGHT....

heckmaster πŸ˜‚ 328 days ago

Are you feeling it? The misery?

heckmaster ❀️ 329 days ago

All good websites must be bad. No, I won't explain this further.

heckmaster πŸ”₯ 332 days ago

Sometimes wishing we had a microwave

heckmaster 🌈 341 days ago

Did you know? Pride month will never end.

heckmaster πŸ€” 347 days ago

Can't tell if generic pinksite #725124865 or if lolcow/KF psyop

heckmaster πŸ€– 349 days ago

So many links... I must have more... More!!!

heckmaster 🎲 355 days ago

Excited to play COC today!!

heckmaster πŸ“– 356 days ago

Ask me about my 400+ bookmarks.

heckmaster πŸ™‚ 359 days ago

I love DNIs they're so silly

heckmaster πŸ”₯ 366 days ago

More Hazbin Hotel merch unlocked

heckmaster πŸ’» 377 days ago

I love e-mails. Hey everyone! Send more e-mails.

heckmaster πŸ™‚ 378 days ago

Time to show off my pride gear *puts on Hazbin Hotel merch*

heckmaster πŸ”₯ 380 days ago

Do people actually like Takis? Are anyone's standards that low?

heckmaster πŸ‘½ 385 days ago

I want a tattoo sooo bad...

heckmaster πŸ’‘ 387 days ago

Can people who use lots of frames use target=_blank when they link to an outside site pls

heckmaster πŸ₯³ 387 days ago

After 3 days of coding, my art gallery is reinstated!

heckmaster πŸ€– 389 days ago

thank you for working now github

heckmaster πŸ€– 389 days ago

GitHub can you please work

heckmaster πŸ€– 389 days ago

GAH! No idea what to write on my index page!!

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