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hayleymulch - Status Cafe Illustrator and comic book artist from Cork, Ireland

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hayleymulch ☀️ 13 days ago

the weather's good and I'm feeling good

hayleymulch 🥳 43 days ago

Finally have my college assignments done and just awaiting for my tutor's a-OK to submit them. I feel so much lighter!!

hayleymulch 📚 98 days ago

Busy busy busy between my job, college assignments and various convention prep!

hayleymulch 😎 138 days ago

Starting a new job this week!

hayleymulch 🎁 150 days ago

Had a great Christmas and just enjoying being chill.

hayleymulch 😭 166 days ago

Thanks to coughing too much *again*, I have broken my rib *again*!

hayleymulch 📚 191 days ago

Busy with college work!

hayleymulch 🤒 201 days ago

Flu vaccine kicking me ass

hayleymulch 💤 219 days ago

need to try get my sleep schedule fixed!

hayleymulch 😴 295 days ago

fatigued after moxibustion therapy yesterday, but already feeling some good relief!

hayleymulch 🎨 327 days ago

busy month ahead! selling at markets and travelling again!

hayleymulch ☀️ 344 days ago

'tis fierce warm out there

hayleymulch ✈️ 365 days ago

Flying to Lanzarote tomorrow!

hayleymulch 🤒 385 days ago

got let go effective immediately from my job today. I wanted to leave for some time, but only when I had something new lined up!

hayleymulch 😎 396 days ago

Very proud for managing even just a few minutes worth of webcomic work the past 3 days. Comicking with fibromyalgia is hard, so I'm happy.

hayleymulch 💔 412 days ago

My bestest boy Flint crossed the rainbow bridge today. I love you Flinty, and I miss you so much 💔

hayleymulch 💔 412 days ago

My dog is sick and has to stay in the hospital for a few nights. I hope he gets better soon.

hayleymulch 😭 477 days ago

rejection is still hard to accept

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