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hello! i'm haunt, i'm a hobbyist web programmer with a love for the old internet. check out my neocities if you'd like to! best viewed on desktop RIP mobile users


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haunt πŸ’€ 284 days ago

went to the doctor for my sudden swollen lymph nodes, bro fr said "well it could be serious, but we won't know until next month" thanks bro

haunt πŸ™‚ 307 days ago

tired af

haunt πŸ€’ 313 days ago

breathing problems strike again. been short of breath all day . so uncomfortable

haunt 😢 315 days ago

having a better day today

haunt 🌧️ 316 days ago

it’s raining and it’s cold on my birthday. the universe knows

haunt 🌧️ 317 days ago

it's my birthday today and i'm sad

haunt πŸ’€ 317 days ago


haunt πŸ‘½ 318 days ago

California Gurls but it's low quality

haunt 🌈 318 days ago

it's my birthday in 2 days!!!!

haunt πŸ™ƒ 319 days ago

the ol’ depressaroo is kickin in!

haunt πŸ’€ 320 days ago

i sleep

haunt 😭 320 days ago

i got work in the morning and i've been coding for 10 hours and now i have to study. i cant ,c ic ant ,v.g,h.h,jhgg

haunt 🌧️ 320 days ago

rainy weather, coffee, and minecraft <3

haunt ❀️ 321 days ago

enjoying my day off

haunt πŸ‘½ 348 days ago


haunt 😭 348 days ago

i have to kill a rat today and i'm so sad right now. i tried offering other alternatives but no one hears me out

haunt ❄️ 348 days ago

it's getting cold and now i will suffer

haunt πŸ’€ 355 days ago

applying to all these different jobs girl i just wanna nap 😭

haunt 😴 356 days ago

hoping this job interview i have tomorrow goes good. god almighty i hate my current job