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harvesthome 😡 3 days ago

fuck you i'm making chamomile tea

harvesthome 💀 4 days ago

you know a social event's gonna be good when you're having a panic attack about it a week prior

harvesthome 💔 4 days ago

every time i see a new neocities site, i want to completely redo mine...i don't have the skill for this

harvesthome 🎶 5 days ago

listening to farmer's cursed wife on repeat. i'm feeling an emotion, but i don't know what it is???

harvesthome 💤 9 days ago

so sleepy, but i wanna practice music...

harvesthome 🌧️ 24 days ago

i'd be such a good mysterious wealthy widow. unfortunately, i'm cursed to work customer service

harvesthome 💔 25 days ago

what was i doing when i made this code???? it looks like it was done by someone who's never heard of a computer...this is hell

harvesthome 💀 29 days ago

I CHIPPED MY REED :( now i have to get a new one...i suffer so much

harvesthome 🤐 33 days ago

having interests feels so embarrassing. yeah talk to me about this random thing please it's like cocaine to me

harvesthome 🙃 38 days ago

my brain is so fried rn. going to lay on the floor and listen to mainly norfolk on repeat

harvesthome 😭 41 days ago

why am i cursed with the hip pain of an 80 year old

harvesthome 🧀 43 days ago

just made a good pasta sauce without a recipe...this is the most powerful i've ever felt

harvesthome 💤 45 days ago

i should be allowed to hibernate