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hansquare 😛 36 days ago

i hate my life (i am done with this physics project)

hansquare 🏂 49 days ago

cross-country skiing!!!

hansquare 🥹 55 days ago

one week till winter break

hansquare 🤐 59 days ago

how is it already 2024

hansquare 🎁 70 days ago

merry christmas!!

hansquare 🥰 71 days ago

christmas school break has started!!

hansquare 🎤 77 days ago

singing in the shower is my therapy

hansquare 🥹 79 days ago

got a new haircut (looks terrible)

hansquare 💻 87 days ago

finally got my old laptop to run ubuntu - now it's time for arch

hansquare ❄️ 92 days ago

it's snowing again OMFG

hansquare 😴 93 days ago

i feel like somebody stole 3 hours of my time today

hansquare 🥹 96 days ago

imagine that's it's going to be dark on 4 pm in a month

hansquare ❤️ 98 days ago

when the sun shines for a minute on a cloudy day