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Victoria. 1994. I like emo, noise, art, diy and Kim Kardashian.


grossgirl94 🙂 5 days ago

sometimes I spell 'special' right, other times I don't

grossgirl94 🙂 5 days ago

my duality is listening to my new Dystopia vinyl while self loathing and then stopping to binge watch vlogs from Brooke Schofield

grossgirl94 💀 20 days ago

ate 3 bulbs of roasted garlic

grossgirl94 ❄️ 26 days ago

megan the stallion forever

grossgirl94 😭 44 days ago

3 more days left of work :(

grossgirl94 ✨ 47 days ago

think youre the shit, bitch? youre not even the fart 🤔