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Heyo, ya'll! Name's Grinalbi but you can call me Grin. I'm an artist and hobbyist webmaster - my site is on Neocities where you can find out more about me there.


grinalbi ✏️ 3 days ago

Oooooh the ideas for character designs are starting to flow once again.....

grinalbi 😴 13 days ago

Trying to maintain a regular and healthy sleep schedule (instant fail)

grinalbi 🥳 14 days ago

Today's my birthday - and so another year in my life has gone by. Gonna relax for the day.

grinalbi 📰 34 days ago

I knew what I was getting into when I did the port... but it still needs to be said that wiki editing is NOT for the faint of heart.

grinalbi 🙃 56 days ago

Got a bajillion project ideas swirling around in my head... if only I could actually FOCUS on starting even just one...

grinalbi 🤒 63 days ago

Ugh, I got sick. I wanna work on stuff but can't focus on anything with this head cold... 😭

grinalbi 🌱 66 days ago

Can't wait for spring to get into full swing here, I miss the greenery and having my windows open!

grinalbi ☀️ 72 days ago

Was lucky enough to see the eclipse yesterday despite the weather... I've never been religious but it was an almost spiritual experience.

grinalbi 🎮 85 days ago

So many of my favorite games are getting updates around this time (RIP my ability to focus... it being barely there in the first place)

grinalbi 💻 100 days ago

FINALLY starting work on a new version of my website after a while of thinking and not, uh, doing - here goes nothing...😂

grinalbi ✨ 171 days ago

Happy New Year! I've been thinking about a possible site rework/remake, though we'll see if I go actually go through all that effort 😅

grinalbi 🎮 181 days ago

Distracting myself with some vidya games instead of doing what I meant to do lmao

grinalbi ✏️ 206 days ago

Working on FINALLY (and slowly) writing down bios/stories for my characters... why can't my thoughts just manifest on the page instead :')