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gremlin682 🐱 2 days ago

Why did a cat try to take eat the ends of my Wii's video cable? Wth was going on in it's head?

gremlin682 ☀️ 4 days ago

My summer break starts after tomorrow!

gremlin682 🐱 6 days ago

2 naps in one day, why not?

gremlin682 ☀️ 8 days ago

Dentist appointment went well, the dry socket and exposed bone should now be dealt with (key word is should). Time to enjoy the warm weather

gremlin682 🥹 9 days ago

Dentist finally got back to me. (its been 5 days holy sh-)

gremlin682 🥹 10 days ago

The dentist still has not called back, looks like I get to keep toughing out dry socket.

gremlin682 🙃 11 days ago

The dentist had jury duty...

gremlin682 😭 12 days ago

dry socket (bad end)

gremlin682 ✨ 13 days ago

I got my tooth removed (two days ago)

gremlin682 ☕️ 16 days ago

This tea good, got me bouncing off the walls

gremlin682 🎮 16 days ago

Reminder to buy anything you want off the 360 store before it goes offline in July!

gremlin682 😭 18 days ago

Life tip: Don't set your glasses down on your bed without the case! It cost $75 to get a new frame and only took a second to break ;-;

gremlin682 💻 20 days ago

distro hopping again for some reason

gremlin682 😂 21 days ago

Got kicked from a casual tf2 match for supposedly cheating. I always play legit so I will take it as a compliment!

gremlin682 🥰 22 days ago

Cozy with some hot cocoa

gremlin682 😶 23 days ago

What a messed up day

gremlin682 🎮 23 days ago

Playing some DEADBOLT again

gremlin682 😎 25 days ago

Sometimes you gotta be your own motivation!

gremlin682 😭 25 days ago

My todo list keeps backing up but my motivation is non existent atm.

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