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gray 💤 522 days ago

last day of work

gray 🥺 529 days ago

after today...just one more week, and then i'll be free to just do whatever! well, after the following monday technically

gray 🤒 537 days ago

I put in my one week notice and will no longer work here after next week. Maybe I can finally focus on me.

gray 🥱 540 days ago

Got off work late so I should be going to bed but my book is getting good. ..

gray 💀 557 days ago

Get rid of that part of me that cares about numbers!!! Who cares!!! It's my website my home!!!

gray 😭 559 days ago

I am trying

gray 🥳 578 days ago

yyaaaa no overtime tonight time for weekend!!!

gray 😭 594 days ago

Just so tired

gray 🌙 604 days ago

Ah weekend over already. Went fast since I've just been playing pkmn 😭

gray 🥱 604 days ago

Tired tired tired

gray 🙃 610 days ago

Why didn't I make a new email that's only for my site lol 🙃

gray 🙃 619 days ago

i...kinda wanna re-do my whole site lol...

gray 🙃 633 days ago

oh my god i'm glad i figured it out but whoops uploaded a page in the wrong directory!!! spent too long trying to figure what's wrong!

gray 😱 642 days ago

need to stop doing stuff late at night!!! i got work tomorrow!!!

gray 🙃 656 days ago

brain is weird not sure how i'm going despite little sleep last night

gray 🥱 662 days ago

finally the weekend time for splatfest :D

gray 💤 670 days ago

i'm so tired from work,, but god help me i can't stop working on site (not really i love it)