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goupastel 🌧️ 7 days ago

stressed to hell and back, someone take me out

goupastel 😶 13 days ago

i hate ads like "if your skin looks like this" and then they show perfectly normal skin

goupastel 🥹 19 days ago

I LOVE from software games, would love to beat one, one day

goupastel 💀 21 days ago

lol at those people that are like "im not homophobic but" *is homophobic*

goupastel 🤔 22 days ago

i dont even know what to use social media for anymore

goupastel 🐱 26 days ago

why do i have to drag myself kicking and screaming to do things i love doing

goupastel 😱 29 days ago

I cannot go more than ten days without drawing. Drawing save me

goupastel 😇 31 days ago

google how can I marry Artem in real life

goupastel 🤔 32 days ago

seriously considering not posting on webtoons anymore, they'll just get more and more predatory