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this is just for displaying on my site


goofysillygoober 🙂 66 days ago

wiped out my homepage. to any newcomers hi i promise ill get my stuff together soon

goofysillygoober 🙂 116 days ago

discord update completely fucked me over. itll be a while until i get this mess fixed, not feeling great

goofysillygoober 💤 138 days ago

updates are slow as ever. in hyperfix hell rn

goofysillygoober 🙃 230 days ago

Updates slow. Ive been fighting the need to rip my skin off

goofysillygoober 😶 241 days ago

progress has been slow, my bad! ive been kinda out of ideas for shit to add zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

goofysillygoober 🙂 252 days ago

Im not sure why the site is wrecked rn. ill likely be reworking it entirely anyways

goofysillygoober 🔥 257 days ago

finally managed to log in lets fucking gooo