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godza 🎲 21 days ago

my hyperfixation has switched once again. im windmilling this shit!!!

godza 🥹 96 days ago

the hardest part of making a new page isnt the coding its deciding what to theme it around. fuck color schemes

godza 📺 158 days ago

i am so deeply hyperfixated on batman and dc comics. my life is in shambles. damian wayne save me

godza 😭 179 days ago

i like sketching out new layout ideas but then i get sad because i dont have the skills to make them...

godza 💤 184 days ago

i wanna put my writing on my site but html fucks up quotation marks. oh well

godza 🥳 187 days ago

officially done with first semester of college. somehow i survived... winter breaks gonna be crazy busy though

godza 💻 192 days ago

hello stress headache... semester over but i still have work to do. yuck!

godza 🤔 196 days ago

got a job offer today which is crazy. why am i busier now then ive ever been. semester please end im begging

godza ❄️ 198 days ago

rewatching saiki k always puts me in a good mood. ignoring my assignments again

godza 💤 200 days ago

working on a new homepage after i bullshitted a ton of assignments. love using coding as a break even though it equally infuriates me

godza 🌈 367 days ago

i love my website! yippee!!