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gloomysalem 🌱 169 days ago

Stardew Valley is currently consuming my life. I'm in one of those non-stop playing phases again.

gloomysalem 💻 173 days ago

Finally set up the layout for my blog section! Now I just need to start writing the blogs to put there :)

gloomysalem 💻 176 days ago

Wow I haven't updated this site in a WHILE. Sorry, I'll at least try to set up the blogs section in the next month or so.

gloomysalem 🎁 235 days ago

I'm so stressed about Xmas presents rn. Worried I'll waste money on things ppl won't like. I love giving gifts that make ppl happy though.

gloomysalem 🎬 261 days ago

I watched Saw X with my dad today. It was surprisingly good compared to the previous Saw movies imo.

gloomysalem 💻 269 days ago

I really need to learn JavaScript for making this site but I am lazy and stupid. It just seems like a lot of effort rn lol.

gloomysalem ✨ 270 days ago

Finished re-watching Angel Beats last night, it's still one of my favourite anime. I need to continue reading the visual novel soon.

gloomysalem 🍞 273 days ago

Making sourdough today with my Dad, will bake the dough tomorrow.

gloomysalem 🎶 280 days ago

Obsessed with the Heathers musical again rn. This is so me in 2019 core.

gloomysalem 💀 282 days ago

I always complain about the ridiculous consumerism of Xmas, but for Halloween? Nope, I love wasting money on spooky stuff! You can't stop me

gloomysalem 📺 283 days ago

Re-watching Soul Eater, it's been one of my favs since I watched it for the first time when I was like 9. The openings are SO good.

gloomysalem 😴 285 days ago

My sleep schedule is completely flipped the wrong way right now and it sucks.