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sleepy neet cat girl... very depressed...


gloomi_x 🌧️ 9 days ago

well .... i quit my job qq

gloomi_x 🙂 33 days ago

i cant believe i had to get a job !!! T_T this is so depressing … why cant i just stay home every day

gloomi_x 🌧️ 35 days ago

i love being insecure about my body !! i love hating every piece of clothing i own cuz i look ugly in everything !!

gloomi_x 🌧️ 37 days ago

its raining, im working on my model (again ! ) and smoking weed.... pretty chill

gloomi_x ❤️ 37 days ago

my webpage is finished !! i hope one day i can actually code my own but carrd worked great for now ( ´ ω ` ) ahhhhh im so happy with it

gloomi_x ☕️ 38 days ago

working on website all day...zzz...