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im strugglign so much with the css... SOS


glassyhouse12 💤 2 days ago

I NEED TO PASS OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

glassyhouse12 😭 7 days ago

im always either nauseous or in pain. why me

glassyhouse12 💤 11 days ago

sleepy... i miss my cat i can see him on the windowsill

glassyhouse12 🎶 13 days ago

relistening to mouth moods outtakes :-)

glassyhouse12 🙂 17 days ago

im so exhausted but ihave to get up at 6 tmrw :(

glassyhouse12 🌙 49 days ago

watched the perseid meteor shower with my girlfriend! we sat on top of my car it was very surreal

glassyhouse12 💻 67 days ago

i love the internet i love my computer !!

glassyhouse12 ☀️ 69 days ago

hoping everything turns out alright :)

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