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Hello, My name is Brandon and I spend most of my time on the web. I'm currently going to school for computer science in the state of Maine.


glad 🙃 371 days ago

still alive still not in jail.

glad 😎 398 days ago

texted my ex gf, she hasnt reponded.

glad 😎 400 days ago

they let me outta jail early!

glad 🙃 404 days ago

Jail Monday.

glad 🙂 411 days ago

today was a good day

glad 🙃 414 days ago

slept till 5pm oops

glad 😯 418 days ago

skated for the first time in like 10 years today, didnt realize how outta shape I am lol

glad 🙂 419 days ago

skipped accepted student day today. got a meeting with my sponsor in a bit.

glad 😶 420 days ago

Gotta go volunteer not sure how i feel about that. at least they have mountain dew tho