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gizurr 👀 16 days ago

heyyy find me on ArtFight as @/gizurrr

gizurr 🥺 22 days ago

The Last Temptation of Christ is the Jesus movie ever omg

gizurr 🙃 23 days ago

yah turns out the previous format wasn't mobile friendly but dw i'm on it babeyyyy

gizurr 👀 26 days ago

ok got stuff figured out yay

gizurr 🙂 26 days ago

just writing random stuff to test coding for the layout here don't mind mee

gizurr ✨ 26 days ago

doing that yoinky sploinkyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

gizurr 👀 31 days ago

first time doing ArtFight and i'm on Team Seafoam :0cc refs will take a while to be finished/posted tho

gizurr 🙃 37 days ago

the urge to completely redo my neocities i feel overwhelmed with it now guhhhh

gizurr ✨ 80 days ago

exams are done babeyyyy i can finally get back to working on my website again :0

gizurr 💀 142 days ago

i love having dreams related to my abuser 🥰

gizurr 💀 146 days ago

i fuckign forgot my password and had to start a new account here jsdklafdk;