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gingkophyta 🌧️ 72 days ago

i do feel insane right now

gingkophyta 💔 74 days ago

cause i still believe in miracles i swear ive seen a few and the time will surely come when you can see my point of view i believe in

gingkophyta 💔 74 days ago

not goign to freaking lie dude i am feeling the clinical depression and severe anxiety disorder

gingkophyta 💔 199 days ago

i fucking hate the snow man

gingkophyta 💔 199 days ago

i realized earlier i have to go through this year without a heated blanket or a heating pad. misery

gingkophyta 🍦 201 days ago

i miss when those spongebob ice creams had gumball eyes

gingkophyta 😶 206 days ago

guys i am having a sensory

gingkophyta 🥹 210 days ago

good day over now i am depressed again back in the depression room

gingkophyta 🌧️ 211 days ago

ive been so eepy lately yet i still feel bad for slacking, even though i have no energy.

gingkophyta 💀 213 days ago

(contains the rage of a thousand dying suns)

gingkophyta 😎 213 days ago

the first bleach opening is so good

gingkophyta 😶 214 days ago

might stay at the house tomorrow instead of going out, i do not feel good whatsoever...

gingkophyta 😭 215 days ago

apparently i am a very coherent person

gingkophyta ❤️ 217 days ago


gingkophyta ❤️ 218 days ago

congratulations b & d

gingkophyta 💡 218 days ago

if i have to have this headache all day its going to be my joker moment

gingkophyta 📺 219 days ago

i do not enjoy feeling the human emotions

gingkophyta ☀️ 219 days ago

YAYY I DID OKAY ON MY THING. the day still is long but the hardest scariest part is over YIPPEE

gingkophyta 📚 220 days ago

im being normal about song lyrics nad the characters i associate them with for sure

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