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gingkophyta 📺 1 day ago

once again i am thinkin about the blorbos!

gingkophyta 🍙 4 days ago

i hope my sister makes me some yummy yummy food when we see her. i crave RICE!!!!!

gingkophyta ☀️ 21 days ago

the weather is finally getting warm again <3

gingkophyta 🎱 25 days ago

i feel more like a real human being than usually. huh

gingkophyta 🐱 28 days ago

my cat is finally behaving maybe i can actually nap now

gingkophyta 😎 28 days ago

defos shouldntve spent 55$ dollars on keychains but oh well

gingkophyta 🍙 29 days ago

i wish i was not feeling crummy still but i am back to codin......

gingkophyta 📰 50 days ago

might start biting people

gingkophyta 🍱 54 days ago

having a normal one (lying)

gingkophyta 🙂 57 days ago

sigma male flexing their grindset

gingkophyta ✨ 59 days ago

testing out status cafe...