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if anyone knows a way to view a page's html on mobile i'll love you foreverh

an animated 3d pink bear sitting in front of a computer looking confused


ghost-fall 🙃 69 days ago

completely forgot about this place lmao but my site actually looks okay now, just need to make a button for it

ghost-fall 🤒 106 days ago

been sick for a week now, hopefully it goes away this weekend

ghost-fall 😎 126 days ago

did so much coding today and everything works perfectly....feel like a god

ghost-fall 🥳 131 days ago

school off tomorrow cause its gonna snow yippee!!!

ghost-fall 💀 132 days ago

just had the most killer stomachache (its gone now but it hurty)

ghost-fall 💤 134 days ago

wanna go back to sleepp

ghost-fall 🙃 148 days ago

when the code isnt coding

ghost-fall 😴 153 days ago

just have to get through today and i'll have a week off

ghost-fall 😶 153 days ago

i blinked and 12 hours passed since i sat down at my pc

ghost-fall ❄️ 154 days ago

it's so cold outside °~°

ghost-fall 🥳 155 days ago

school over and next week off time to struggle with coding

ghost-fall 😭 155 days ago

wanna work on my website but school (x~x)

ghost-fall 😴 156 days ago

sleepy but too restless to fall asleep °~°

ghost-fall ✨ 156 days ago

getting used to this place :]