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scared gang


getcubed 😶 10 hours ago

nearly just got brained by an icicle

getcubed 😱 3 days ago

down to my last pair of socks... i need to do laundry ;-;

getcubed 😴 7 days ago

i need to wake UP before this party. cant be snoozing

getcubed 😭 15 days ago

this pixel art shit is hard (fun too, but hard...)

getcubed 🥹 19 days ago

new hot butch tech at my physio place :o

getcubed 🎶 21 days ago

apple music visualiser is putting a spell on me

getcubed 🌈 23 days ago

elizabeth debicki on the mind...

getcubed 🎶 23 days ago

foggy morning

getcubed 🧐 24 days ago

fallen down a rabbit hole of ivan the terrible 1991 fan edit videos

getcubed 💀 25 days ago

ooo headache. why can i feel my skull

getcubed 🙃 27 days ago

spent 3.5 hours baking a cake, took the dog out to pee, walked back in the kitchen to find the cat licked off all the icing on top...

getcubed 😎 28 days ago

got cute new pants today hehe i'm going to wear them tomorrow for my mum's bday dinner

getcubed 🌧️ 30 days ago

i dont think it has stopped raining for even a minute today. at least the sound is nice at night

getcubed 🥰 30 days ago

dark and rainy outside, embroidering w a cat on my lap inside

getcubed 💀 31 days ago

figuring out what to get your parents for their bday is actually the 8th circle of hell

getcubed 💀 31 days ago

this pressure headache has my head ready to explode

getcubed 🥹 32 days ago

just made chocolate chip banana bread. cant wait to eat some tonight >:)

getcubed 🤒 33 days ago

i am so full of sweet potato

getcubed 😡 33 days ago

oil splat on my miffy shirt... what's the point anymore