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scared gang


getcubed 💀 12 days ago

food phobias so weird. why am i breaking out in a cold sweat from eating a cashew. need to be normal asap

getcubed 🤔 15 days ago

i think the older someone is, the harder it is to wish them a happy birthday. what do you say to a 93 yr old?! currently writing bday email

getcubed 🙃 16 days ago

got coffee w 42 yr old cousin. i know he's from the side of my family that's allergic to eye contact, but please stop looking at my boobs

getcubed 🤒 19 days ago

who up crying over google maps

getcubed 💀 20 days ago

relatives stop using scary ellipses in your messages to me challenge

getcubed 💀 23 days ago

by the grace of god i unknowingly ate lunch while sitting on a wasp nest and didnt get stung

getcubed 🔥 24 days ago

yayay going to see love lies bleeding tonight

getcubed 🙃 26 days ago

bad case of the sunday scaries. made a very yummy dinner tho. must not give in to the despair. despair is the vibe killer

getcubed 💀 27 days ago

exiled from my dorm for it to be used as a showroom

getcubed 💀 35 days ago

gonna get lunch with my uncle today... i've never been with a family member w/out my parents ;-; fear

getcubed 🔥 42 days ago

yowch i burned my hand. the price of making cabbage pancakes... gross blister...

getcubed 🌧️ 49 days ago

so much thunder

getcubed 😱 53 days ago

first day of classes ouuughgjgjfjlkg linguistic histories of asia + the pacific O.O

getcubed 💀 74 days ago

i hit my head saturday evening and it STILL HURTS!!!

getcubed ☀️ 76 days ago

it's finally sunny again!!!! I can stop rotting!!

getcubed 🥹 79 days ago

nearly 23 years of being alive and a song has never made me cry until now. Everybody say thank you Grace by Jeff Buckley

getcubed 😎 81 days ago

The Party 2017 4th watch here we go

getcubed 😎 85 days ago

got a good grade in dentist

getcubed 🙂 86 days ago

1 point away from a perfect geoguessr game... count your days, turkish cloverleaf interchange

getcubed 💀 91 days ago

they have added more countries to geoguessr since the last time i played...

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