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Give me a tea ya bastard


geekula 🤒 28 days ago

Getting over a head cold

geekula 🔥 83 days ago

everything's decaying so what better time to update a dumb little website

geekula 🌧️ 102 days ago

Anyone who comes up to me and praises the hot weather will be vaporized

geekula 😶 119 days ago

I don't want to be at work! I want to be in my MIND PALACE!

geekula ❤️ 122 days ago

I would treat Barcus so right you have no idea

geekula 😶 122 days ago

The offending nails have been removed. They're so cute and so expensive but we can't live like that.

geekula 🥹 123 days ago

I got some new nails and they make it hard to type

geekula 💀 126 days ago

Feeling like a brunette man in a survival horror video game.

geekula 🥺 129 days ago

My birthday is over and I have to return to the real world and all it's damned e-mails.

geekula 🎮 141 days ago

Thinkin' about him (Johnny Guitar)

geekula 🙃 148 days ago

You know that feeling where you physically cannot stop yourself from procrastinating?

geekula 💀 149 days ago

bleepboopbeeeeeep Sam it's me, Die Hardman. There's an order waiting for you at terminal that could not be farther away from you.

geekula 🥹 150 days ago

Wish I could go back in time 20 or so years and become a dedicated player of an MMORPG

geekula 🥹 151 days ago

I wish I could go back in time and play Death Stranding again. I'll be a Kojima simp till that day I die.

geekula 😶 156 days ago

At this point, Trix, the dolls are the dolls.

geekula 🥱 158 days ago

I wish I had more time to play VIDEO GAMES

geekula 🎮 166 days ago

Finally time to play video games!

geekula 🍾 167 days ago

Last day of working days let's goooo

geekula 😶 168 days ago

Trying not to let little things get to me

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