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geekula 🙃 39 days ago

Trying to work out a visual re-vamp of the site. Just can't seem to find a color palette I like.

geekula 👽 40 days ago

Back to the night shift.

geekula 👽 51 days ago

Juno was AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!

geekula 👽 62 days ago

6 days to Juno

geekula ✨ 76 days ago

I've got the itch to play Pokemon

geekula 💀 80 days ago

I feel just awful today

geekula 👽 81 days ago

I'm going to see Juno Birch next month!!!

geekula 💀 97 days ago

I spend so much time making sites look cute only to forget I actually need to put content on them!

geekula 🌧️ 98 days ago

This weekend was a bust

geekula 🥱 105 days ago

Just leaving the house makes me so tired

geekula 💀 109 days ago

Thinking about the corporatization of the internet and making myself upset

geekula 💀 110 days ago

I need to get back to working on the site but I'm running low on inspiration.

geekula 💤 149 days ago

Sooo tired!

geekula 🙃 157 days ago

Grad school is making me crazy!!!!

geekula 🤩 164 days ago

So excited to see Jimbo on RPDR All Stars!!!

geekula 🎮 166 days ago

Bully is one of Rockstar's best games!

geekula 🎮 182 days ago

Loving the Resident Evil 4 REmake!

geekula 🥰 196 days ago

Back to having fun tweaking my sites!

geekula 😱 197 days ago

Neocities is down???

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