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gbfrnda 👀 1 day ago

Wow. 40k unique veiws? And 30 followers? A new record in one day

gbfrnda 💻 3 days ago

What?! We hit 100k?!

gbfrnda ✏️ 4 days ago

Man, college application is tuff.

gbfrnda 📚 6 days ago

too much school Work

gbfrnda 😶 9 days ago

Updating my NeoCities web site can be very addicting........

gbfrnda ✨ 9 days ago

Holy moly Dr. Crygor is wearing shorts sleeves!

gbfrnda 📰 10 days ago

Hey dudes, we have hit over 70k hits. Guess somebody's loving WarioWare very much...

gbfrnda 📺 11 days ago

nintendo direct tomorrow; who is excited for new warioware details.

gbfrnda 📚 11 days ago

My brain tired after reviewing all these notebooks

gbfrnda 🔥 12 days ago

on sorta sort stress lately

gbfrnda 📚 13 days ago

being busy, duh

gbfrnda 🙂 14 days ago

i has school