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My name is gavi and I am eepy


gavi 🥱 12 days ago

Sleepy time

gavi 🐱 13 days ago

my cat cuddled with me last night and he sounded like a lawnmower

gavi 🤔 13 days ago

maybe its time to make a tv tracking section for my site

gavi 📺 14 days ago

dungeon meshi time

gavi 💻 14 days ago

updated my bookmarks pages & my now page

gavi 🐱 14 days ago

working on bookmarks page

gavi 💤 15 days ago

very sleepy day today

gavi 🍦 15 days ago

ice cream time

gavi 💻 16 days ago

Updated my site a bit!

gavi 🥱 16 days ago

I am eepy