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hi!! non-binary person from France, I'm 25 years old :)


garlek10 🤩 5 days ago

Sheldon Cooper, neurodivergent king

garlek10 🍕 9 days ago

no the Moon isn't made of cheese. it's actually a big space pizza...

garlek10 🎶 14 days ago

So kiss me in the backseat of my vintage Benz

garlek10 🐱 15 days ago

I wanna buy the Lego tuxedo cat

garlek10 ⛵ 22 days ago

On an island!

garlek10 💤 27 days ago

Breaking news! I'm still tired

garlek10 💤 28 days ago


garlek10 🍕 32 days ago

Current need: pizza

garlek10 💡 34 days ago

What if the aliens don't want us to find them because they're scared of what we'd do

garlek10 🥹 34 days ago

Couldn't thank enough all the people who wished me a happy birthday! I'm touched

garlek10 🎁 34 days ago

Happy birthday to me!

garlek10 🤔 35 days ago

What's the point of life if I can't go to a concert every single day of my existence?

garlek10 🙂 35 days ago

big foot is real and he tried to eat my ass

garlek10 🥰 36 days ago

I bought Pusheen plushies today

garlek10 🎁 37 days ago

Tuning 25 on Monday. DON'T call me a grandparent!

garlek10 🙂 37 days ago

hi everyone!!