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garfie ❤️ 17 days ago

Okay I'm returning to using the Computer so maybe I'll get back to all this soon, i'm gettin' the website itch

garfie 🤖 207 days ago

I promise I will return to my site, I just think I outgrew Zonelets and I gotta start from scratch for the main site, I'm just BUSY

garfie 🥳 238 days ago

rip henry pissinger lmao

garfie 🎶 240 days ago

I'm so close to getting back in to music. That piano is calling me. Beckoning me. I need to play.

garfie 🍾 245 days ago

Happy colonizer's pride day!

garfie ☀️ 252 days ago

Had a lovely day with my wife on our day off and it was beautiful and sunny outside and it's v cool :3

garfie 🤖 257 days ago

I havne't been able to work on my site much cuz I've been doing a lot of house stuff. rearranged my room and that's rockin'

garfie 🙂 267 days ago

Happy Samhain everyone! ^.^

garfie 🙂 270 days ago

feeelin' allllllrite. haven't been on the computer in DAYS hello

garfie 🌱 275 days ago

I'm chilly but the michigan autumn is so dang beautiful :)

garfie 🙂 276 days ago

yes yes yes my wife is almost home i miss her so much!!!

garfie 🙂 278 days ago

playing with the bing image creator and, dang, AI sure sucks

garfie 😭 279 days ago

Wife is leaving for the weekend and I'm gonna miss her so much ahh

garfie 😴 280 days ago

eternally sleepy. too much to do around the house and never enough power in my batteries to do it all.

garfie 🥺 283 days ago

I hate not hanging out with my wife

garfie 💤 286 days ago

I've been really into sleeping lately, pretty good stuff

garfie 🤖 286 days ago

Had a wonderful day off at home, cleaning the house having snacks listenin to music gettin high it's LOVELY

garfie ❄️ 288 days ago

Not even winter yet and I'm already too cold >.<

garfie 🥱 288 days ago

tired today but I'm going to my bestie's to watch El Camino after work and I'm very excited ^.^

garfie 🙂 289 days ago

Having a sleepy day off, but I'm feeling pretty good :)

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