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name: Flo
pronouns: she/it
birthday: 10/12/1998
sign: ☉ sagittarius ☾ virgo


gardenstar 🥱 86 days ago

I'm not dead yet, just had to put this project on hold until I graduate! brb

gardenstar 💀 131 days ago

I'm super quiet here lately, but I've been playing SuitU, and that plus Genshin, plus work, plus school has been taking all my time.

gardenstar 💀 135 days ago

Imagine a girl with no time to update. Yep, that's me.

gardenstar 😱 143 days ago

My classes started again, so I'm dead on my feet

gardenstar ❤️ 147 days ago


gardenstar ❤️ 147 days ago


gardenstar 😇 149 days ago

today i'm going to pick up my boots from the cobbler, hopefully all went well

gardenstar 🤔 152 days ago

I'm just really focused on my serenitea pot right now >.<

gardenstar 🌈 156 days ago

I am now over my eye hurting era (has a doctor appointment tomorrow)

gardenstar 💀 159 days ago

my eye is hurting a lot, it makes me worried

gardenstar 🙃 161 days ago

Coding to procrastinate all the studying I got to do.

gardenstar 🙃 163 days ago

I'm having a moment of worrying about the future :(

gardenstar 🍫 165 days ago

I need to go out and have a little snack or else I'm gonna lose it.

gardenstar 🐱 168 days ago

i have started my tumblr theme, it's harder than i thought it would be :(

gardenstar ☕️ 169 days ago

made my first successful matcha latte at home ૮₍ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ₎ა

gardenstar ✨ 170 days ago

finished a long book i had to read for my final paper, now freedom and coding awaits me

gardenstar 🧋 171 days ago

I'm thinking about scanning my sanrio sticker collection and putting it on a page, but first, must set up the scanner.

gardenstar 🙂 172 days ago

working on my credits page. it may be my favorite one yet

gardenstar 🌧️ 173 days ago

the weather suddenly turned gloomy which is making me lazy~

gardenstar 😴 174 days ago

why must I go to work? can't a girl just code all day?

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