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/ TimeLine System - Story Summarys / RiOT Units around the world seem to become self-aware after an update pushed by hackers, around 90% of them have chosen to stay in their respective police force after the Chimera Corp hacks last tuesday. // Chimera Eclipse found Deactivated, it's unknown if It's linked to the Chimera Corp Hacks last tuesday. / Projects / RoboRing seems to be having issues. // GalexionLink v2 is in development, relaunch delayed still further. / Stay Tuned... /

Novice Full-stack Developer, VR Enthusiast, Rhythm Gamer, and Robot Connoisseur.

I like the anything Pre-2010, with some exceptions.

IIDX 12, 17, 22, 29, and 31 are peak theming, change my mind.


galexion 💻 6 hours ago

my mind is like a computer. when I am nearing total destruction preventive mode kicks in and suddenly I am back to normal.

galexion 💾 9 days ago

Starting a recode of a internal WebUI I lost when GLXN-Server Died. then I can work on other projects.

galexion 🙂 11 days ago

Neverfuckingmind, fuck Canonical Snap, Snap is this worst piece of shit package manager I've ever used

galexion 💻 11 days ago

Network Outage ongoing. GLXNNetwork Services are currently unavailable, including Email, GLXNLink, and RoboNet. Maintenance @ 4/5/24 7AM EDT

galexion 💾 11 days ago

Reinstalling Mail Server Certificate. Please Wait. Servers / Websites / Services may be offline.

galexion 🎱 12 days ago

Past, Present, Future, Eternity, Time is Beyond Understanding.

galexion 🎶 17 days ago

Why does Adventures With Tweesee get this cool fuckin gif jacket while literally every other song that gets Scrobbled has no jacket

galexion 💾 17 days ago

I want to Change my Song Quote out but I kinda want to have a Halley Labs Button on my site first... ugh

galexion 📺 17 days ago

Watching tomorrows world... they didn't know...

galexion 💻 18 days ago

Ethernet Cables keep dying on me, this is getting extremely annoying...

galexion 📱 18 days ago

Watching stuff on my phone, bored out of my mind while making a docker container ngl

galexion 💾 18 days ago

Jekyll Doesn't recognize {{site.url}} by default, and this has been driving me up the wall.

galexion 💻 19 days ago

Jekyll Take's so Long to spin up when you need to make command line changes with docker... this is very annoying...

galexion ✅ 19 days ago

Getting ready to get rid of that stupid holding website soon and actually relaunch GLXNLink! maybe then I can fix my sleep schedule.Immatire

galexion 💻 19 days ago

3 Hours Later and probably 1.5h of coding later, GLXNLinkv2 is looking good! It's not the i was going for, but it's extremely close to that.

galexion 💾 19 days ago

Developing sites, why does Svelte not want to play well with systemd? GLXNLink v2 development is going slowly... Jekyll theming is hard...