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a lonely artist, i like to listen to music and rave. =3 My current mood: The current mood of GalaTale at


galatale 🎮 596 days ago

gaming gaming...

galatale ✏️ 696 days ago

Can't stop drawing! ><

galatale 😶 705 days ago

My monitor won't work...

galatale ☕ 718 days ago

Relaxing and drawing to bright my mood! ^_^

galatale 😴 720 days ago

So boreeed... Nothing to do.

galatale 🥰 721 days ago

I can't stop jumping around and listening to music while drawing... Wow!

galatale 🎨 723 days ago

I got my drawing tablet and im so happy! i been drawing a lot and having fun.

galatale 📖 724 days ago

Another day, same thing. Feels like im in a loop...

galatale 😴 726 days ago

Bored and i have nothing to do... If only i had friends to spend time with for today.

galatale 🙂 727 days ago

Happy earth day everyone!

galatale 🎨 735 days ago

working hard for today!