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chumpazoid 3000


g4rf13ld_ 🌈 10 days ago

she neo on my cities til i revive the old web

g4rf13ld_ 🌈 10 days ago

cleaned my room today finally…so proud

g4rf13ld_ πŸ€– 12 days ago

going to an escape room today i hope i escape the prison of my flesh!!

g4rf13ld_ 🎁 13 days ago

ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! yippee!!

g4rf13ld_ πŸ’€ 33 days ago

man i have to actually get around to adding new graphics to the site....that's literally what this site is for

g4rf13ld_ 🌈 33 days ago

got a LOT of stuff done on the site today! check things out!!

g4rf13ld_ 🌧️ 37 days ago

how it feels to have to code on an ipad

g4rf13ld_ πŸ™‚ 39 days ago

dude i whipped up a whole outfit just to learn im not going to the place i got dressed for!!!!!!!!!!!!

g4rf13ld_ πŸ‘½ 41 days ago

gonna clean my room today. or not

g4rf13ld_ πŸ€– 48 days ago

my links? HYPER. my script? JAVA. my html? 5. my href? A.

g4rf13ld_ πŸ” 48 days ago

idk whats going on but i want. every single food i want it all right now

g4rf13ld_ πŸŒ™ 49 days ago

status cafe finally activated my account LETS GOOOOO!!!!