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fullyrendered ✨ 128 days ago

Pretty major revamp to my site's structure. A few loose ends to tie up. Still pretty simple overall. Progress.

fullyrendered 💻 131 days ago

Added RSS feed to my blog today!

fullyrendered 💻 154 days ago

Updated my main home page with a traditional post preview list. It's manual, another step towards reducing javascript on my site.

fullyrendered 💻 181 days ago

Updating code. Replacing some JS with HTML. Interesting! More tweaks to come!

fullyrendered 💤 188 days ago

Offline, I've been steeped in a building project for my house. My 40-something year old shoulders are not indefatigable. I need rest.

fullyrendered 💻 198 days ago

Updated my CSS. All purple and other color shades purged. Now just black, white, orange, and a few grays. Simpler, cleaner.

fullyrendered 🎮 219 days ago

It’s been a busy month offline so far. Making progress in Tears of the Kingdom, among other things.

fullyrendered 🎮 233 days ago

New gaming post about forthcoming Star Ocean, freshly published.

fullyrendered 🙂 251 days ago

My site's "Links" page is now [finally] done. Blogroll on!

fullyrendered 💻 251 days ago

Got a new piece on the blog today about iPad.

fullyrendered ✨ 254 days ago

Site updates: Added purple glow effect to links on hover. Updated header image with similar purple glow effect.

fullyrendered 💻 257 days ago

Tonight: customized my site's CSS for blockquotes. Looks better! Love tweaking the code for my blog.

fullyrendered 💻 257 days ago

Recently updated my site's header title, replacing glow with shadow effect.

fullyrendered ✨ 259 days ago

Blog change log: added post-footer for post metadata, enhanced topic backlinks

fullyrendered ✨ 263 days ago

Today, Apple sent invites to its upcoming iPhone event. I blogged about it.

fullyrendered ✨ 265 days ago

A shiny new Topics page (and backlinks) is now live on my Neocities site!

fullyrendered ✨ 266 days ago

Today I responded to Cal Newport's piece in The New Yorker. "Replacing Twitter With Mastodon Not Threads."

fullyrendered ✨ 268 days ago

Took me like 15 minutes of searching, but I finally learned how to center an iframe embed on my blog! 🎉

fullyrendered ✅ 269 days ago

Got Verified on Mastodon via my Neocities blog! Quick and easy rel="me" setup.

fullyrendered 🤩 270 days ago

Disqus comments are now available on my Zonelets Neocities blog! 🎉

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