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fruitgummie 🎶 79 days ago

slowlyyyy working on a blog/journal layout finally :3

fruitgummie ☀️ 83 days ago

i'm replaying stardew valley so i might be a bit mia fjgjsjfjs

fruitgummie 🌈 83 days ago

goodbye shitty pizza job!!

fruitgummie 👀 84 days ago

resubbing to my favorite sticker club. idc how many stickers i have already ♥️

fruitgummie 🙂 87 days ago

new job has been going well!!

fruitgummie 💻 109 days ago

starting a new job soon. might be too drained to update the site during the training, idk we'll see

fruitgummie 🌱 113 days ago

working on a slight overhaul to the main layout

fruitgummie 💀 114 days ago

i literally can't figure out what color palette to do for my site

fruitgummie ✏️ 120 days ago

i am still working on website stuff, just kind of bouncing between different pages and not finishing any enough to feel like publishing yet

fruitgummie 🐱 128 days ago

working on a page dedicated to my kitties :3c