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a pink inflatable pool toy dragon who's eternally stuck in the year 2003


frostsheridan 🌧️ 3 days ago

enjoying the cloudy and rainy weather, and ready for the thunderstorms predicted for later tonight!

frostsheridan 💻 40 days ago

just replaced the aging hard drive in my vaio ux with a new ssd! it's soooo much faster now.

frostsheridan ❄️ 61 days ago

so much snow today! the world is so beautiful when everything's covered in snow.

frostsheridan 💾 64 days ago

not a fan of the term "virtual reality" because the word "virtual" implies that digital reality is less real than physical reality

frostsheridan 🎮 67 days ago

thinking about picking up a copy of tetrisphere. man it has a good soundtrack

frostsheridan 🎶 124 days ago

just picked up a korg electribe em-1 at the local game store! time to make some terrible beatz

frostsheridan 📱 221 days ago

trying to think of what kinds of cool widgets i could make for my sony mylo...

frostsheridan ✏️ 228 days ago

trying to learn godot so i can spice up my projects with cool gfx

frostsheridan 💤 236 days ago

so soon as i get home from work i'm gonna collapse on top of ember and hibernate for a month

frostsheridan 🎶 241 days ago

just found out about altered states by andy hughes. full of transcendental vibes.

frostsheridan 💻 242 days ago

gonna add this status widget to my website, then cuddle the heck out of my dragons