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lonely but ok


frostmirriam ☀️ 2 days ago

Excited to go home and eat my watermelon

frostmirriam 😎 5 days ago

got gigachad-ed in chat for identifying a bird hehe

frostmirriam 😡 11 days ago

doing konmari method for real this time, i WILL have a lovely home

frostmirriam 💔 18 days ago

Only a week left at my job, gonna miss these nerds

frostmirriam ✈️ 24 days ago

I can only make travel plans day of, I gotta trick myself into going hehe

frostmirriam 🥳 44 days ago

right when i was losing hope i got a new job lets gooooo

frostmirriam ☀️ 67 days ago

I love spring! I feel so happy

frostmirriam 🫖 79 days ago

addicted to getting crushes on coworkers

frostmirriam 😶 88 days ago

job interview soon but i cant stop thinking about rimworld..

frostmirriam 😭 90 days ago

idk how to transfer my car title to myself

frostmirriam ✨ 95 days ago

i love my new dumbphone.. she changed my life

frostmirriam 😛 169 days ago

feeling mischievous and creative..

frostmirriam 🙃 276 days ago

horrible crush on someone i've barely spoken to AAH

frostmirriam 🌧️ 319 days ago

my friend didn't want to talk on the phone :( i was looking forward to talking to her all day

frostmirriam 💤 348 days ago

im too tired to do anything but i WANT to do stuff wahh

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