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I go by "Four" online. In real life, I'm a hedgehog, a faerie, and a wizard, among other things. What do I like? Well I like apples, honey, melons, tea, milk, berries, broccoli...

21♂ ΘΔ
CE student
digital minimalist
hobby botanist


four 🍏 5 days ago

The lack of updates lately is because... ... ... life is beautiful! yaaay :) I hope you have an awesome day

four 🥗 26 days ago

I did a lot of art lately. yipppeee

four 🍏 26 days ago

I'm happy time. Life is going well :)

four ❤️ 61 days ago

My gf is so sweet and kind to me... I don't know what I would do without them really

four 🤒 61 days ago

going to the doctor after class today... spending time with my gf later... remedies to my ills...

four 🌧️ 62 days ago

Exam this week and next week. I have not been able to study for the life of me. And now I'm sick. But I have to keep fighting...

four 🔥 78 days ago

I bombed my midterm but there's still hope for me to get an A in this class, miraculously. I won't pass it up. Fighting! Fighting!

four 📚 82 days ago

I have a midterm exam on Thursday. Please wish me luck. I just got done studying during an entirely unrelated class... lol :)

four ✏️ 89 days ago

I think I'm finally getting a grasp on a study system that works for me. I've always struggled with conventional methods...

four 📚 93 days ago

I feel great today. I'm pretty nervous about my databases exam tomorrow but I feel great regardless. Please wish me luck with studying.

four 🍏 94 days ago

Brain is recovering... I can think again... I am getting things done... we're so back

four 🌧️ 96 days ago

My cognitive function has been so low these past few days... what happened... 😵‍

four 💾 99 days ago

I showed someone my room just now and she said "yep. you're an engineer alright" 🫡

four 🍏 100 days ago

Autodesk Instructibles is like a second father to me

four 🍏 100 days ago

also got my insurance matters figured out. which is awesome. I am getting health care this year. this is my year

four ☀️ 100 days ago

my home is almost complete :) my hobbit hole

four 🥗 110 days ago

I still can't believe it took me so long to do that. Digital minimizing

four ☀️ 110 days ago

I uninstalled discord from my mobile devices and I feel great :)

four ☕️ 117 days ago

I found $1 soy milk at the grocery store :) there is good in the world.

four 💤 117 days ago

I slept so bad last night...

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