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I go by "Four" online. In real life, I'm a hedgehog, a faerie, and a wizard, among other things. What do I like? Well I like apples, honey, clove, tea, chocolate, vanilla, pear...

21♂ ΘΔ
CE student
digital minimalist
hobby botanist


four 💤 1 day ago

I have been sick with covid all week damn

four 🍏 5 days ago

Being fulltime employed while also being a fulltime student is hard but I am blessed with a beautiful wife and a nice home so it's okay :)

four 💤 5 days ago

Work was exhausting today and all I want to do now is sleep but alas... homework

four 🥗 6 days ago

Now I'm taking care of my to-do list. Hopefully I can get everything done before I have to work tomorrw

four 🍕 6 days ago

I ate pizza with my gf and our friend last night :) I'm happy and content

four 🍏 7 days ago

Today I'm cleaning my home with my gf :)

four ☀️ 7 days ago

Work is awesome now. I'm in charge of how things are run now and my organization method makes things much smoother.

four 📚 10 days ago

I really wish they made task chairs for short people. If there is one, I need it. My legs can never reach the floor.

four 💡 10 days ago

I listened to a podcast about neuroplasticity that a friend recommended me and it's sort of changed my life. Thank you to that friend

four 🍔 10 days ago

I ate burger with friends after work :) I'm happy

four 🍏 13 days ago

Hopefully I can implement some designated art hours into my routine next semester. I need to create things or I'll wilt

four ✏️ 13 days ago

That was a nice break, though. I did nothing except go to work and then coming home to draw. I feel great now. I missed drawing :)

four 💤 13 days ago

After finishing a big assignment a few days ago, I sort of just melted into doing nothing the last few days... I need to get on track again!

four 🥗 17 days ago

To sum up the last 3 days: 1. Bad events on the road. 2. I didn't get to eat enough. 3. and work was hard. but now. Peace and love

four 🍏 17 days ago

Good evening. I'm relaxing today :) The last 3 days were kind of bad frankly but now I'm alright. Happy time

four 🔥 20 days ago

I'm in a dire situation with how many assignments I have due tonight. I'll have to tap into my forbidden power source. touhou music

four 🌱 20 days ago

So much on my task list today... but all I want is to relax. I'll move forward. but I'll take it easy. :)

four 💡 21 days ago

I've re-downloaded Obsidian to organize my work notes digitally. I'm going to try to develop a hybrid paper-and-digital system for myself.

four 🍏 21 days ago

I have to be strong... just a few more hours... then seeing my gf today will heal me

four 🌧️ 21 days ago

I have got to be more normal, man

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