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foobar 🙂 12 days ago

finally got the gran turismo 2001 album!!

foobar 🍦 22 days ago

eating whatsapp ice cream

foobar 😇 25 days ago

today i'm a yahoo digital camera enjoyer

foobar 💾 26 days ago

my site was down for a day, glad it's back up

foobar 🔥 28 days ago

using a dice to speedrun the latest assignment

foobar 😶 28 days ago

pretty uninspired lately

foobar 😎 29 days ago

metal face doom!!!

foobar 👽 35 days ago

a skeleton lives inside all of us, creepy

foobar 👽 37 days ago

(head explosion emoji)

foobar 🙂 40 days ago

im not in american psycho mood i swear

foobar 🍏 41 days ago

poetry is ilegal unless you're under the underground

foobar 🍣 42 days ago

javascript makes me hungry

foobar 😇 43 days ago

can't stop the a-train

foobar 👽 44 days ago

sometimes being alive is enough to make me happy