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folie 💻 94 days ago

learning figma yippeee

folie 🌧️ 98 days ago

so embarassing to like a friend more than they like you.. someone shoot me

folie 📺 124 days ago

nw hazbin hotel.. <- guy who just wants to watch the video essays about it

folie 📖 145 days ago

need to tell my family i dropped out of college soon orz

folie 💀 146 days ago

harry traitorsuk count your days

folie 📺 148 days ago

jaz survive.. please survive.. sending extremely positive and protective energy his way

folie 💻 165 days ago

reading goodreads reviews .. new adult readers what is going on this is atrocious

folie 💤 176 days ago

anyone else feeling the emptiness.. clap if you feel the emptiness

folie 🥳 180 days ago

finished my new homepage yayyyyy

folie 🎱 183 days ago

feeling so weird... really need to see my counsellors again

folie 🙂 183 days ago

who knew coldplay have good songs that arent viva la vida.. thank u michael t snare

folie 🐱 184 days ago

we might be getting my grandmother a cat soon yipeeeeee :3

folie 💻 184 days ago

javascript my worst enemy..

folie 🐶 185 days ago

dog escaped while i was getting dinner + met the delivery man.. very cute.. very brave of her

folie 🌙 186 days ago

need to go downstairs and take my meds but im Too Scared...

folie 🌧️ 186 days ago

checked tumblr for the first time in a while and saw [redacted] its so over

folie 👽 194 days ago

man how does my sister consistently have the absolute worst doctor who takes -_-

folie 🎮 436 days ago

started playing acnh again. hornsby called me out for being away for 1 year + 4 months >_>

folie 💻 445 days ago

finally have motivation to work on my site again ^_^