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sweetheartmemory (neocities)
thoughts... thoughts....


flora πŸ’” 43 days ago

cannot wait till I can legally and safely detach from these people I'm not god's strongest soldier

flora πŸ™‚ 49 days ago

dodging death during late victorian gibson girl in my 20's

flora πŸ™‚ 51 days ago


flora πŸ™‚ 51 days ago

the fact that i’ve managed to lose this while my $2 ali accessories are still alive and well is a bit funny i guess

flora πŸ™‚ 51 days ago


flora 🍾 52 days ago

first aatp piece!!! i know years from now i’ll miss the thrill of buying brand pieces for the first time. so content right now

flora 🌱 59 days ago

New month. Favorite month

flora πŸ₯³ 63 days ago

two tests soon and i'm pulling out the big guns; gifting myself miss dior if I do well

flora πŸ“š 63 days ago

neocities has been really slow and laggy lately i thought i had some kind of internet issue :(

flora ❀️ 68 days ago

i love spending my evening going through old lolita blogs and sites and window shopping and watching lolita wardrobe tours on youtube

flora πŸŒ™ 68 days ago

been really into black and whites lately might make a monochrome homepage whoops

flora 🎢 71 days ago

eyes wide open by twice has been such a forgotten album by everyone that album carried me for months!!!

flora 🌱 71 days ago

Happy first day of spring!

flora 🎢 85 days ago

my theme songs would be music from luna li’s jams EP

flora ✏️ 86 days ago

so much for trying to make march a positive month for me. It's been the worst month since 2020

flora πŸ’‘ 91 days ago

Tetsu, Gackt, Klaha, Seth, and Juka on a track together Ξ£(O_O)..

flora ❄️ 92 days ago

β™« eyes without a face got no human grace you're eyes without a face β™«

flora πŸ˜‡ 118 days ago

Happy february and most importantly happy black history month! May february bring joy to all

flora 🎢 122 days ago

Taking matters into my own hands and figuring out how to make an instrumental of baiser en fleur

flora β˜•οΈ 122 days ago

I have so much to do but I also have so much to work on here and once I start coding I don't stop :( can't wait for the summer!

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