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flora πŸ˜‡ 6 days ago

Happy february and most importantly happy black history month! May february bring joy to all

flora 🎢 10 days ago

Taking matters into my own hands and figuring out how to make an instrumental of baiser en fleur

flora β˜•οΈ 11 days ago

I have so much to do but I also have so much to work on here and once I start coding I don't stop :( can't wait for the summer!

flora 😢 12 days ago

Poor little vegetarian accidentally ate my mom’s chicken stew yesterday and found out today I was enjoying the food a little too much hmmm

flora 😎 12 days ago


flora 🍫 13 days ago

the urge to change my layout is insane I want a more wintery theme :(

flora ❄️ 15 days ago

FINALLY SNOWING in what feels like ages it hasn’t seriously snowed in a year here

flora ❀️ 18 days ago

princess diana by ice spice is the song of the century

flora ✏️ 23 days ago

the more I work on my site in vscode the more anxious I am about my computer blowing up out of nowhere and me losing hours of work

flora 🌈 25 days ago

on the coding and studying grind

flora πŸ’” 38 days ago

I’m so tired I keep clicking the wrong emojis oh my god happy new year again!!!

flora πŸ’” 38 days ago


flora ❀️ 39 days ago

One moreee day of 2022. Certainly glad to have made it another year I keep proving myself wrong when I think I won’t make it!!!

flora πŸ’€ 41 days ago

"just one hour of coding" turned into "its 1 am and my eyes are incredibly sore"

flora πŸ™‚ 43 days ago

Cleaning my room for the new year