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firos_nook 🙂 15 days ago

got my first faerie fountain quest ever and now i have a plushie cybunny!!!

firos_nook 🎁 24 days ago

happy birthday neopets

firos_nook ✨ 31 days ago

therapy. JUST DO IT!!!!

firos_nook ☀️ 32 days ago

an absolutely classic fall day. grey morning with damp, glistening sidewalks and a partly sunny, chilly afternoon. mother nature slayed

firos_nook 🍞 42 days ago

“scooped gluten-free bagel” that’s a banana peel dawg

firos_nook 💀 42 days ago

the epidemic of millennials saying “out of pocket” when they mean “out of office”

firos_nook 🌮 47 days ago

making lentils and i'll never forget when my mom (white) went to chipotle for the first time and asked if they had lentils

firos_nook 💻 47 days ago

added to my blog!