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firebones πŸ”₯ 193 days ago

i have the horrible impression that all online text processors are going to have AI and its gonna be fed with all our hosted texts πŸ₯΄

firebones πŸ”₯ 193 days ago

i know loops looks like a bad insta ad, but as a adhd person actually helped me a lot with anxiety and sudden noises ✨ plus, they porpol

firebones πŸ’€ 199 days ago

for real i dont have the vibe to corporate office day, i look like i closed the last after pub of my city in terrible summer clothin'

firebones πŸ’€ 200 days ago

virgen del carmen i slept like 2 hours :(

firebones πŸ’€ 202 days ago

i cant believe yet that Stay from Ghost ft Patrick Wilson could be a thing. im just-

firebones 😢 202 days ago

okay DEF part of the problem of taking a shower was the goddamn place

firebones πŸ™‚ 202 days ago

i have to do thiiiiings but my brain went KAPOOT

firebones πŸ™ƒ 202 days ago

uh oh here we go my annemy and my period trying to take me down

firebones πŸ‘½ 203 days ago

i just ran away from my bathroom cause now the shower isnt a problem. the problem is a green noisy bettlebug that idk how enter there.

firebones 🌈 203 days ago

am i neurospicy and i struggle w/ taking a shower or am i a millennial in an old house and my bathroom is gross? in this essay i-

firebones πŸ™‚ 203 days ago

but its fine cause this fcker just repaired their led strip broken!!! πŸ€ŸπŸ§‹

firebones πŸ’Ύ 203 days ago

me falta grado medio seΓ±ores

firebones πŸ’€ 205 days ago

i just dreamt with the most unhinged sequel of TPOTO and somehow i was playing phantom character bc it was a musical? it was rad af

firebones πŸ’€ 206 days ago

ah yes, 'my body is a cage' scene from house md. that song is so erikcore im screeching

firebones πŸ§‹ 206 days ago

yes iced coffee moment

firebones πŸ• 208 days ago


firebones β˜€οΈ 208 days ago

i packed my modded 3ds with pokemon silver gbc for my piscina day and i couldnt be more happy πŸ’œ nostalgia strikes back!

firebones πŸ’» 208 days ago

i think we should make a escargot account, random if u want, and bring back msn messenger. i need that so much

firebones πŸ’Ύ 209 days ago

improve ur photo taking game by activating grid and 1:1 ratio in ur phone camera by default. just πŸ‘Œβœ¨

firebones πŸ’€ 209 days ago

sir u know what personal space means?

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