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hi. check my neocities out?


fedya 💻 21 days ago

playing neopets. :K

fedya 🤔 113 days ago

i'm back. for now.

fedya 🔥 163 days ago

my hair is so so bright. it's SO bright. it's blindingly bright. think orange and up the saturation by 500%

fedya 🙂 164 days ago

getting my hair dyed tomorrow. i will be so bright

fedya 😶 164 days ago

finished astarion's quest. blank stare at the wall.

fedya ❤️ 168 days ago

gave in and bought some specific bg3 magic cards lol

fedya 🙂 172 days ago

can't believe i made one of the best games i've played into a horrible no fun experience

fedya 😭 178 days ago

i literally cant play act 3. i get into it then immediately log off!!!! IM SCARED OF IT. i've got to go play act 1 for the LITERAL 10th time

fedya 😭 182 days ago

finished live action one piece today. the way i SCREAMED at smoker

fedya 🙂 183 days ago


fedya ❤️ 184 days ago

new viddy game review on me site......

fedya 💀 185 days ago

im too scared to go into baldurs gate act 3............

fedya 😎 188 days ago

*emerges from dark cave* baldurs gate 3...

fedya 🙂 192 days ago

literally can't stop playing baldur's gate 3. i love my nasty little guy

fedya 💤 196 days ago

caved and bought baldur's gate 3. goodbye internet I won't be seeing you for many hours

fedya 👽 197 days ago

feeling a little better, still have a cough but :/

fedya 👽 201 days ago

dang it. i'm sick.

fedya 💀 203 days ago

wish it would rain... it's been soooo long

fedya 💀 203 days ago

wish it would rain... it's been soooo long

fedya 🙃 204 days ago

IBS had me thinking I was actually dying wow. i havent been in that much pain is a while......

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