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fatgrrlz 😎 1 day ago

man almost a week without tumblr. i miss engaging in the greater social arena but alas. i gotta immortalize my trans girl elden ring post

fatgrrlz 🙂 1 day ago

tried this bath bomb and it made my bathwater turn like. 1:1 mountain dew green. is this the gamer bath bomb

fatgrrlz 😡 3 days ago


fatgrrlz 🥳 5 days ago

finally got dr's office stuff sorted... literally everyone in this office is gay. and they're super receptive!! yippee!!

fatgrrlz 😴 5 days ago

wehh its been a struggle getting me to bed let alone going to sleep 😔 tonight i couldnt even bring myself to bed til 11…

fatgrrlz 😂 6 days ago

remembered i can use this on mobile.. i WILL be annoying hee hoo

fatgrrlz 💀 8 days ago

rest in piss tumblr, now to update my entire site to remove the link to it lolololol

fatgrrlz 😭 10 days ago

whyyy is it so hard to find a good queer friendly general practitioner here!!! goddamn.

fatgrrlz 🙂 27 days ago

ham and cheese with honey... yum

fatgrrlz 🍞 32 days ago

going to the grocery what y'all want @status.cafe folks

fatgrrlz 😭 40 days ago

uwaah i want to do so so much but have so so little free time...

fatgrrlz 🙂 42 days ago

* I got the mirra 2 used from a office liquidator warehouse selling them for cheap. love living somewhere that has those kinds of things

fatgrrlz 🥹 42 days ago

got me a mirra 2 again... was so lucky too, only thing it needed was a good cleaning. yippee

fatgrrlz 🙂 47 days ago

purchased more dunmeshi manga. looking forward to more autism adventures with laios and friends

fatgrrlz 🙂 52 days ago

hearing minthara makes me think of tatiana from NSR lmaooooooo

fatgrrlz 😭 69 days ago

my mom sent me an edible arrangement???? uwaaaaah

fatgrrlz 🥳 76 days ago

girlfriend gave me a cookie. all is well

fatgrrlz 🙂 76 days ago

like it seems cool! but i barely know where I belong IRL now you're asking me to choose just one webclique to be in?

fatgrrlz 😴 83 days ago

started drawing. it is now midnight. what

fatgrrlz ❄️ 89 days ago

"oh yea lets use the santa snow on the mini trees, they'll look great" < moron that doesn't understand the horrors (it's my gf's grandma)

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