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fatgrrlz 🎬 42 days ago

queen of the damned walked so twilight could run

fatgrrlz 😭 42 days ago

thinking abt how tiring it is to be an artist online and having to juggle a million accts.. i do not miss it

fatgrrlz πŸ™‚ 73 days ago

today years old learning forever 21 has plus sizes that go up to 4x. goddamn

fatgrrlz 😢 91 days ago

Due to shrinkflation, giant eagle shall be renaming to mildly large eagle

fatgrrlz 😭 92 days ago

being a jobbie while being an artist fucking sucks i always get my best inspo/motivation at like 9PM yet i have to be up at 5AM tomorrow :(

fatgrrlz πŸ™‚ 92 days ago

so jealous of my brother. they got GOOD rain. the youtube ASMR video kind. but i can get the good sriracha so who's really winning here

fatgrrlz πŸ™‚ 94 days ago

getting on my hands and knees and begging tcrf to make their site responsive good lord

fatgrrlz πŸ™‚ 97 days ago

first few weeks of antidepressants really is just β€œobjective: survive” huh

fatgrrlz πŸ”₯ 102 days ago

never forgetti the tribunal killed the nerevarine because he was a buckeyes fan πŸ˜”βœŠ

fatgrrlz πŸ™‚ 105 days ago

hell on earth it finally happened. proton desynced and replaced my file i wrote a shit ton in during lunch with a blank doc.

fatgrrlz πŸ™‚ 106 days ago

using AO3 again. im now in my terrible fic writer era again. yippee!!

fatgrrlz πŸ™ƒ 107 days ago

we're 0:2 on destiny fashion discords that aren't shitholes. love sharing fashion in one channel while ppl are casually racist in another

fatgrrlz πŸ™‚ 111 days ago

i love chronic pains they are so so fun and not a major inconvenience in my life /s

fatgrrlz πŸ™‚ 112 days ago

still never getting over how karliah's VA went on to voice the exo stranger. crazy shit

fatgrrlz πŸ™‚ 112 days ago

not big on voiceclaims but I totally 100% see phoebe’s ghost agatha being voiced by the same girlie that voiced gale’s tressym tara

fatgrrlz πŸ™‚ 114 days ago

yeah lemme just reset my gaming sobriety counter back to zero here real quick :(

fatgrrlz πŸ™‚ 115 days ago

begging TCRF to make their site responsive… i can weather it 4 the cool bugs life 2 facts but goddamn

fatgrrlz πŸ™‚ 117 days ago

the The state of ohio walking to my house to give me a crisp $29 bill

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