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falconiforme 💾 5 days ago

Vent app shutdown scare number 8363542795

falconiforme 💾 8 days ago

Legally changed my name today!!!

falconiforme 💾 14 days ago

GameFAQs guys who play competitive Pokémon burst a blood vessel when they can’t call someone a moron for not knowing the Semelparous Gambit

falconiforme 💾 15 days ago

I am an old-timey painter driven to insanity over his muse

falconiforme 💾 16 days ago

Seems to be more spam sites crawling the Neocities global feed lately. I keep catching the tail-end of it where they’ve already been removed

falconiforme 💾 25 days ago

Why is every brazen KMFDM enjoyer a school shooter wannabe you are both missing the point of the music and embarrassing me

falconiforme 💾 30 days ago

Call me a Sumatran rhinoceros the way I’m wallowing for large parts of my day

falconiforme 💾 34 days ago

I hope this era of blocking Tumblr works out. Cruel and unusual to witness hundreds of failed high-school bullies mock everything about you

falconiforme 💾 36 days ago

For someone who has never truly married I act a whole lot like a divorced guy at the bar looking pensively at a photo of his wife and kids

falconiforme 💾 37 days ago

I would die for rutracker dot org before my country