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here for the laughs and the cries, y'know?


faintlymacabre ✨ 6 days ago

lowkey love that there's no comment function but like... i also wanna leave u guys nice comments u.u so if u see this i am complimenting u

faintlymacabre 🤒 10 days ago

fell down the stairs this morning and my wrist fucking hurtssssss

faintlymacabre ❄️ 11 days ago

i got my snow day AND the power came back on in time for me to have a fun time!!! WIN!

faintlymacabre 💾 12 days ago

me, double spacing all my code: i'm going to get such a good grade in website guys

faintlymacabre 💻 22 days ago

successfully installed linux on my 10ish year old laptop

faintlymacabre 🙃 32 days ago

every part of my body hurts in a fun and interesting way love it

faintlymacabre 🐱 33 days ago

the kittens are a month old this satuday!!!

faintlymacabre ✨ 34 days ago

the night before your day off is a great time

faintlymacabre ❄️ 35 days ago

hot water heater broke no hot water :((

faintlymacabre 💡 36 days ago

i should learn how to sew so i can mend my oldest sweatshirt that's full of holes and the pocket is falling off

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