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they/them - autistic - exhausted


faeriebottled97 📺 237 days ago

dbd anniversary week is here and im only so excited cuz all of the confetti!!!

faeriebottled97 📺 238 days ago

watching one of my favorite streamers while thinking abt the future :o)

faeriebottled97 🐱 240 days ago

just messing around with my site tonight after stream

faeriebottled97 🌧️ 241 days ago

ngl man shits just bad for me rn i might have to pause working on my site

faeriebottled97 🌧️ 242 days ago

bad news today im very down but gonna try to keep goin anyways

faeriebottled97 🌧️ 243 days ago

ive gotten a lot done lately but at the price of a migraine flare ;;;;

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