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f66x ✅ 3 days ago

Added links to Events page.

f66x 📰 13 days ago

Added another new playlist to resources.

f66x ✅ 14 days ago

Added videos by TheSamUtari including a video summary in Resources and their full playlist.

f66x ✅ 14 days ago

Added a JP playlist to the Weapon Stories page.

f66x ✅ 29 days ago

Added link in Music

f66x ✏️ 34 days ago

There is a new JP Life in the Cage!

f66x ✅ 47 days ago

Replaced some links in the ROD page. Thank you Stickbrush!

f66x ✏️ 48 days ago

Cleaned out and replaced dead links

f66x 🎤 49 days ago

Working (once more) on the music section and anything else that was hit by the takedown of AliceM's channel.

f66x ✅ 58 days ago

Added to the Other Librarians page.

f66x 📰 65 days ago

Added a link in Trailers + Other Librarians

f66x 📰 66 days ago

Now you can Email us!

f66x 📰 67 days ago

Added a link in Card Stories!

f66x 📰 68 days ago

Updated the Main Stories page.

f66x 📰 73 days ago

Disregard the previous message! The guestbook is back online!

f66x 📰 73 days ago

Guest book services are defunct at the moment due to 123guestbook shutting down.

f66x ✅ 74 days ago

Added a Japanese playlist to Events.

f66x ✅ 75 days ago

Also added a playlist to Trailers!

f66x ✅ 75 days ago

Edits have been made to the Voice section of the Music page!

f66x ✅ 75 days ago

Updated Events

Older statuses