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expectationemesis 🙂 215 days ago

Got wonderful news on the 23rd! Been having good days ever since. ^^ Hopefully will go back to website-fiddling soon!

expectationemesis 💀 224 days ago

Well, now instead of being utterly depressed, I'm in a weird half-normal kind of state. Yipp... yippee? I think??

expectationemesis 😶 240 days ago

Been feeling really down lately, and the weirdness of the internet is not making me feel any better. :P Back to being a pseudo-hermit.

expectationemesis 🙃 291 days ago

Me? Not do anything website-related for more than a week? It's more likely than you think <3

expectationemesis 💀 301 days ago

Updating my art site this evening! When I'll be done with said updates, only time can tell. :P

expectationemesis 🌙 303 days ago

Ohh my god it's 5 AM what am I doing trying to do HTML at this hour. I am a fool. A moron. Good night :'(